Challenge creators on TikTok, Instagram and

  • Unlimited # creator submissions
  • Promotions of your Challenge to thousands
  • Community management
  • Picking Top 20 Winners
  • Payouts to creators
  • Add-ons
  • Incentives Budget (payouts to creators) This is a mandatory add-on. The minimum budget is 1000.
    GBP 1000.00
  • TikTok SparkAds module The best 2 or 3 videos will be used to drive traffic to a webpage of your choice. Pricing based on an incentives budget of 1000. It includes media budget paid to TikTok, compensation of creators and our fee for handling and reporting.
    GBP 850.00
  • Instagram Content Repurpose module Buy the right the repurpose content onto Instagram. We will reach out to your favourite 3 creators and ask them for their permission. It includes our outreach to creators, a contract and compensation of the creators and the delivery of raw files.
    GBP 400.00