1How can I enter a Challenge?

Read the Challenge Details

Use the filter to find Challenges based on your interests. The How To Enter section will explain what your submission must include.

Create your content

Upload your content onto TikTok, Instagram or YouTube using the provided hashtags and mentions.

Submit your link

Submit a link to your post on the Challenge page. You may submit multiple entries as long as the content is unique. If you post on various channels, you may upload all entries.

Check the list of winners

Each Challenge has up to 20 winners, all of whom receive cash prizes. The amount of money you win depends on where your content is ranked in the league table by our ChallyPop judges. Payouts will be handled through Paypal within 4 weeks of the winners being revealed.

2How are winners chosen?

We strongly believe that everyone has influence, that creator accounts come in all sizes, and that as long as you’re having fun, your content will be engaging. At ChallyPop, we care only about the quality and the creativity of your content, not about your follower numbers.

Winners are chosen based on the following questions:

- Is your content creative and of high quality? Has clear effort been made to create something that is unique and genuine? 

- Did your content meet the post guidelines? (check the How To Enter section of each individual Challenge)

- Did you use a public, open profile to post your content?

If the answers to these questions are YES, your submission is eligible for a prize. Each submission is checked by the ChallyPop team. The client may also be involved in judging and at times a third party, such as an author, talent or director. Together we choose the 20 best submissions for each Challenge. In case there are not enough submissions that meet the Challenge's requirements, we may choose to limit the number of winners.

Winners are announced on the Challenge page after the Challenge has ended. Payouts take place within 4 weeks after declaring the winners. 

3How do I collect my prize?

You have entered your Paypal address when you submitted your link. We will handle payouts within 4 weeks after the winners of a Challenge have been chosen. We do not make payments through other platforms than Paypal.

4What platforms can I post on?

You can upload on the following social media platforms:

1. TikTok 

2. Instagram (Reel or picture post)

3. YouTube (short)

Always check the How To Enter section of a Challenge to see if there are any restrictions.

5Who can enter the Challenges?

Anyone can enter, however, there are conditions that must be taken into account.

- For the payouts of prizes we use Paypal. If you do not have a valid Paypal address we can not pay you if you win. You are responsible for submitting the right Paypal email address.

- Challenges may come with regional restrictions. Always check the How To Enter section of a Challenge to be sure it applies to you. If you enter a Challenge and do not reside in the specified region, your content will be discounted.

- You must have a public, open profile.

6What does the 2x sign mean?

Meet Alex! If you see Alex popping their bubblegum, then you've found a Challenge with bonuses! 

These Challenges come with double payouts for creators on TikTok, whose videos are chosen to be part of a SparkAds campaign. 

A SparkAds campaign is a paid campaign on TikTok with the goal of driving traffic to a webshop. ChallyPop's clients may order such a campaign because they simply love the content that you've created and would like to show it to a broader audience. It means we will push your video into the TikTok algorithm, which results in you getting loads of views for your video. To thank you for your awesome content and your cooperation, you will receive a double payout. You will be contacted through email if we would like to run a SparkAds campaign with your video.
You can increase your chances of winning by making a TikTok video in which you use sounds that are your own or come from the commercial library on TikTok. However, we prefer videos in which you talk! Subtitles come highly recommended too.

In case your video gets chosen you will receive an email from hello@challypop.com asking you for the SparkAds code (instructions on how to retrieve this code will be added). You will need to give ChallyPop access to your video for 30 days. There will be no costs involved for you. 

7How do I stay informed about your new Challenges?

You can stay informed about our new Challenges by following us on Instagram or TikTok. We also recommend signing up for our newsletter