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How to enter a Challenge

Simply follow the 4 steps below


Read the Challenge details

Use the filter to find Challenges based on your interests. The How To Enter section will explain what your submission must include.


Create your content

Upload your content onto TikTok, Instagram or YouTube using the provided hashtags and mentions.


Submit your link

Submit a link to your post on the Challenge page. You may submit multiple entries as long as the content is unique. If you post on various channels, you may upload all entries.


Check the list of winners

Each Challenge has up to 20 winners, all of whom receive cash prizes. The amount of money you win depends on where your content is ranked in the league table by our ChallyPop judges. Payouts will be handled through Paypal within 4 weeks of the winners being revealed.

Hello book lovers, I’m Alex! If you see my face on a Challenge, then you've found a Challenge with bonuses! 

These Challenges come with double payouts for creators on TikTok, whose videos are chosen to be part of a SparkAds campaign. 

A SparkAds campaign is a paid campaign on TikTok with the goal of driving traffic to a webpage.

ChallyPop's clients may request such a campaign because they love the content that you've created and would like to show it to a broader audience. 

This means we will push your video into the TikTok algorithm, which results in you getting lots more views. To thank you for your awesome content and cooperation, you will receive a double payout. You will be contacted through email if we would like to run a SparkAds campaign with your video. 

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